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Step into our Streetsville branch of Aroma Waxing Clinic, your local oasis for expert Waxing and Sugaring treatments. Located in the vibrant Streetsville area. We offer the highest standard and quality of services in a welcoming environment.


Welcome to Aroma Waxing Clinic Streetsville Mississauga

We take care of all your waxing/sugaring needs. We provide quick, clean, and fast service with a smile. We specialize in giving our clients silky smooth skin while maintaining a hygienic environment and practices. We use Canadian made supplies to support our local businesses. Streetsville combines the feeling of a small town living in an urban city, where everyone and anyone is welcomed and appreciated with respect and kindness. We offer convenient Green P parking off Mills street and behind our building. Come visit us to see for yourself, what the buzz is about!

Opening Hours:

10am to 8pm
10am to 8pm
10am to 8pm
10am to 8pm
10am to 4pm
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Our Premium Services at Streetsville

Explore the wide array of services tailored for you at our Streetsville branch. From our renowned waxing and sugaring treatments to spray tanning service, our unmatched expertise and attention to detail. Discover the perfect treatments to meet your hair free goals in the comfort of our state-of-the-art facility.

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Meet Our Team at streetsville

Dedicated Professionals Ready to Serve You

Meet the talented and passionate team at our streetsville branch. Each member is an expert in their field, bringing a unique blend of skill, care, and dedication to ensure you have an exceptional experience. Get to know the faces behind our outstanding services.

Ingrid, passionate owner, in her salon uniform in front of the Aroma Waxing Clinic logo, radiating expertise and a commitment to client confidence


Owning a waxing salon is my ultimate passion and fulfillment. Years of experience have equipped me with both expertise and efficiency in delivering exceptional results, leaving clients ecstatic. Witnessing their happiness and newfound confidence after each session is deeply rewarding. Every interaction fosters lasting connections, and as I continuously grow and learn within the business, I cherish the opportunity to enhance not just appearances, but also self-esteem. For me, it's not just about running a business; it's about positively impacting lives, one smooth session at a time.

Denzl, with tweezers in her right hand and scissors in her left, showcases her medical background and waxing expertise, ready to provide a relaxing and judgment-free self-care experience


My focus has always been providing the utmost relaxing and judgment-free experience for anyone and everyone who enters our doors! I see hair removal as one of the best self-care practices there is and I am always happy to take care of your needs in an efficient and detail-oriented manner. With my medical background along with extensive waxing and sugaring certifications, this allows me to practice with the safest, most educated techniques. Building and upholding relationships with clients is one of my main priorities, so you can ensure that you will be leaving your appointment feeling smooth and over the moon!


Hear from Our Satisfied Clients at streetsville

Our clients’ satisfaction is the best measure of our success. Read what they have to say about their experiences at our streetsville branch. Their stories reflect our commitment to excellence in beauty and wellness services.

Aroma is always a great and welcoming place. I’ve had multiple waxing services done here with Ingrid and she’s the best. She makes me feel very comfortable and relaxed. She’s super-fast and efficient but makes sure she does a great job every time. Her shop is very clean, bright, and well maintained. My eyebrows always look nice after she’s done with them. Plus, she always has the best music playing.

Jenalynne Rose

I love going here!! Ingrid is the best and she always does a really good job at making me feel comfortable and always remember our previous conversations even if I haven’t come in months I love this place!

Mimi Fattah

Denzl is always so kind and sweet. Most importantly she is fast and provides feedback for after care. I’ve always been treated with respect and I appreciate that. They have been flexible with fitting me in last minute and understanding when I’ve had to cancel. Clean and hygienic practices. Fair pricing and they have deals as well. I am happy to have found them!

Amita G

Best place to get waxed! Ingrid and Denzl are both so nice and amazing at what they do! I recommend Aroma to all my friends.

stephanie holt

I’ve been coming here consistently for a few months now. Time efficient appointments, clean and hygienic practices and space. Amazing, kind, and welcoming staff. Denzl is awesome, but honestly everyone I’ve interacted with has been great. Highly recommend to anyone interested in trying waxing or sugaring!

Mala Kissoon

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