Collagen Stimulators

RADIESSE®️ & SCULPTRA®️: Revolutionize Your Skin

Embrace the next level of skin rejuvenation with RADIESSE®️ and SCULPTRA®️ at Jolie Medical Aesthetics. These advanced treatments are designed to restore volume and stimulate your body's natural collagen production, unveiling a firmer, more youthful complexion.

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Introduction to Collagen Stimulators

Embrace Natural Rejuvenation

Key Benefits

RADIESSE®️: Instant volume enhancement and progressive collagen stimulation, perfect for smoothing wrinkles and revitalizing areas like cheeks, neck, and hands.

SCULPTRA®️: A non-surgical secret to youthful skin, focusing on long-term collagen regeneration for a natural, gradual improvement in skin fullness and texture.

How It Works

RADIESSE®️: Upon injection, it immediately volumizes and continues to work by encouraging new collagen growth, extending the youthful appearance for over a year.

SCULPTRA®️: Targets the underlying causes of facial aging by promoting collagen synthesis with PLLA, resulting in a subtle, yet significant, enhancement over time.

Why Us?

At Jolie Medical Aesthetics, our expert use of RADIESSE®️ and SCULPTRA®️, combined with our commitment to personalized care, ensures results that not only meet but exceed your expectations.

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Benefits of Collagen Stimulators

Revitalize Your Skin from Within

At Jolie Medical Aesthetic Services at Aroma, we are proud to offer RADIESSE®️ and SCULPTRA®️ treatments, each with its unique set of advantages for facial rejuvenation. Here's how these treatments can transform your aesthetic experience:

Immediate and Lasting Results
RADIESSE®️ offers the immediate satisfaction of enhanced volume and the added benefit of stimulating natural collagen production, leading to prolonged aesthetic improvements. SCULPTRA®️, on the other hand, works gradually to restore facial volume by stimulating your own collagen, with results that can last up to two years.
Natural-Looking Enhancement
Both treatments are designed to complement your natural facial contours, ensuring results that look and feel authentic. Whether you're seeking to smooth out wrinkles, enhance facial volume, or redefine contours, these treatments adapt to your unique facial structure.
RADIESSE®️ and SCULPTRA®️ can be used to address a variety of concerns, from deep folds and wrinkles to volume loss in the cheeks and temples. They can also be used in combination to achieve comprehensive rejuvenation tailored to your specific needs.
Collagen Stimulation
A key benefit of both treatments is their ability to stimulate collagen production, a critical component of youthful, elastic skin. This not only improves the skin's texture and firmness but also contributes to a healthier, more vibrant complexion over time.
Minimally Invasive with Minimal Downtime
As injectable treatments, RADIESSE®️ and SCULPTRA®️ offer significant aesthetic enhancements without the need for surgery, allowing for a quick return to your daily activities with minimal downtime.
Customizable Treatments
During your consultation, we tailor the treatment to your specific aesthetic goals, ensuring a personalized approach that delivers optimal results.
Safety and Reliability
Both RADIESSE®️ and SCULPTRA®️ are FDA-approved and have been extensively tested for safety and efficacy, giving you peace of mind about the quality and reliability of your treatment.
Enhanced Skin Quality
Beyond just adding volume, these treatments improve the overall quality of your skin by increasing collagen density, which can reduce the appearance of fine lines and give the skin a more youthful texture.
Long-Term Aesthetic Investment
The lasting effects of RADIESSE®️ and SCULPTRA®️ make them an excellent investment in your long-term aesthetic well-being, helping you maintain a youthful appearance for longer.


Tailored Solutions for Timeless Beauty

At Aroma Waxing Clinic, we are proud to offer a selection of the industry's leading collagen stimulators, each with unique properties and benefits. Our goal is to provide personalized treatments that align with your specific aesthetic desires and skin needs. Explore our collagen stimulator options to find the perfect fit for your rejuvenation journey


Renowned for its immediate volumizing effect and ability to stimulate natural collagen production, Radiesse® is ideal for clients looking to address deeper lines and volume loss. Its calcium-based microspheres provide a scaffold for your own collagen to grow around, offering durable, natural-looking results.


Sculptra® takes a more gradual approach to collagen stimulation, perfect for those seeking subtle, comprehensive facial rejuvenation. Made from poly-L-lactic acid, Sculptra® works over several months to rebuild collagen networks, restoring facial volume and smoothing lines with results that can last up to two years.



RADIESSE®️: $700 per syringe

SCULPTRA®️: Customized treatment plans based on individual needs and goals.

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Frequently asked questions

How do RADIESSE®️ and SCULPTRA®️ enhance facial aesthetics?

RADIESSE®️ immediately adds volume to aging skin and stimulates natural collagen production for long-term skin revitalization. SCULPTRA®️ works more gradually, targeting the underlying causes of facial aging by promoting the body’s own collagen synthesis, resulting in smoother, firmer skin over time.

What makes RADIESSE®️ and SCULPTRA®️ different from other fillers?

Both treatments have unique properties that set them apart. RADIESSE®️ is composed of calcium hydroxylapatite microspheres that provide immediate structural support and encourage natural collagen growth. SCULPTRA®️, composed of poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), acts primarily as a collagen stimulator, gradually improving skin texture and volume.

Are the results from RADIESSE®️ and SCULPTRA®️ treatments immediate?

With RADIESSE®️, you’ll see instant improvement. SCULPTRA®️, on the other hand, delivers its beauty benefits gradually, with results becoming more noticeable over a few weeks to months as collagen production is stimulated.

How long do the effects of RADIESSE®️ and SCULPTRA®️ last?

The effects of RADIESSE®️ can last a year or more, while SCULPTRA®️ can last up to two years in some patients, as it gradually helps your skin rebuild natural collagen.

Can RADIESSE®️ and SCULPTRA®️ be used together?

Yes, in some cases, combining these treatments can address multiple concerns by providing immediate volume and stimulating long-term collagen production for comprehensive facial rejuvenation.

What areas can be treated with RADIESSE®️ and SCULPTRA®️?

RADIESSE®️ is often used for smoothing moderate to severe facial wrinkles and to address volume loss, such as in cheeks, and in the back of the hands. SCULPTRA®️ is commonly used to add volume to facial hollows, such as in the cheeks and temples, while addressing thinning, crepe skin.

Are RADIESSE®️ and SCULPTRA®️ treatments safe?

Yes, when performed by a qualified professional like us at Jolie Medical Aesthetic Services, both treatments are FDA-approved and have a strong safety profile.

Is there any downtime after a RADIESSE®️ or SCULPTRA®️ treatment?

You may experience some swelling or bruising at the injection site, but this typically subsides within a few days. Swelling is common with both treatments, but generally subsides within a couple days. It should be noted that each patient can experience variations in downtime.

How do I know which treatment is right for me?

During your consultation, we’ll assess your skin’s condition, discuss your aesthetic goals, and recommend the best treatment plan tailored to your needs.

What should I expect during the consultation?

We will discuss your medical history, examine your skin, explain the procedures, and create a personalized treatment plan. Our goal is to ensure you are fully informed and comfortable with the chosen treatment.