Laser Hair Removal

Advanced Laser Hair Removal with Lutronic Clarity 2

Step into the future of hair removal at Aroma Waxing Clinic, where we harness the advanced power of Lutronic Clarity 2 to provide you with safe, effective, and virtually pain-free hair removal experiences. Designed for all skin types, our laser hair removal services offer precision treatment that targets hair at the root, ensuring long-lasting smoothness and reducing hair growth over time. Discover a new standard in beauty and confidence with our cutting-edge technology and expert care.

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Introduction to Laser Hair Removal

Embrace Lasting Smoothness

At Aroma Waxing Clinic, we elevate your hair removal experience with the Lutronic Clarity 2, a leading-edge laser technology designed to deliver fast, effective, and less painful hair removal for all skin types. Our laser hair removal service goes beyond temporary fixes to offer a long-term solution for reducing unwanted hair, enhancing your skin’s natural smoothness, and improving its overall condition.

Why Choose Our Laser Hair Removal?

  • Precision and Comfort: The Lutronic Clarity 2 utilizes dual wavelengths to target hair follicles accurately while ensuring your utmost comfort during the treatment.
  • Tailored for All Skin Types: Thanks to its advanced technology, we can safely and effectively treat all skin types, offering personalized care that meets your unique needs.
  • Quick and Convenient: Sessions are swift and require no downtime, allowing you to return to your daily activities immediately with minimal discomfort.
  • Progressive Results: Enjoy noticeably smoother skin after each session, with hair becoming finer and growth significantly reduced over time.

By choosing laser hair removal at Aroma Waxing Clinic, you’re not just investing in a hair removal service; you’re opting for a smoother, more confident you. Our dedicated professionals are here to guide you through the process, ensuring a safe, comfortable, and satisfying experience from start to finish.

Clarity 2 Laser machine using dual wavelengths Alexandrite and YAG to target both light and dark skin

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

A Superior Solution for Unwanted Hair

Laser hair removal at Aroma Waxing Clinic, powered by the advanced Lutronic Clarity 2, offers a myriad of benefits designed to enhance your beauty regimen and provide lasting results. Here's why our clients prefer this state-of-the-art solution:

Precision and Efficiency
The Lutronic Clarity 2 targets hair follicles with precision, ensuring effective hair reduction while sparing surrounding skin. Its dual-wavelength technology is tailored to treat different hair types and colors on various skin tones.
Reduced Pain and Discomfort
Designed with patient comfort in mind, the Clarity 2 features built-in cooling mechanisms that reduce pain and protect the skin, making it a more comfortable experience compared to traditional laser systems.
Faster Treatments
Leveraging the latest in laser technology, treatments are quicker, allowing for larger areas to be treated in shorter sessions. This means you spend less time in the clinic and more time enjoying your results.
Long-lasting Results
Enjoy smooth, hair-free skin for longer periods. With each session, hair growth is progressively reduced, leading to lasting results and minimizing the need for frequent touch-ups.
Cost-Effective in the Long Run
Investing in laser hair removal can save you money over time, reducing the need for regular waxing, shaving supplies, and other temporary hair removal methods.
Safe for All Skin Types
The versatility of the Lutronic Clarity 2 makes it safe and effective for all skin types, including tanned and darker skin tones, expanding access to this cutting-edge hair removal solution.



(W) This service is tailored for women, non-binary individuals with female anatomy, and pre-operative transgender males.

(M) This service is catered to men, non-binary individuals with male anatomy, and pre-operative transgender females.

To ensure the best match for your waxing needs, please specify your preferences: (M) or (W)

Extra Small

Face Cheeks (Upper)
Between Brows
Upper Lip


Bikini Line
High Bikini
Between The Cheeks
Neck (Front or Back)
Stomach Strip
Beard Sculpting
Arms (Upper)
Arms (Lower)


Brazilian (W)
High Bikini / Bikini + Between the Cheeks
Bum Cheeks
Back (Upper)
Back (Lower)
Legs (Upper)
Legs (Lower)
Full Face
Arms (Full)
Stomach (Full)


Brazilian (M)
Back (Full)
Chest (Full)
Legs (Full)


Promotions for Laser Hair Removal

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Laser Hair 6 & 1

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Frequently asked questions

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What care should be taken after undergoing a treatment session?

Post-treatment, avoid sun exposure and apply sunscreen to the treated area. Refrain from heat treatments like saunas and hot showers for 24-48 hours.

What is the advised interval between sessions, and should I shave first?

Treatments are typically spaced 4-6 weeks apart. Shaving the area 1-2 days before your session is recommended, but avoid plucking or waxing

How enduring are the results from the treatment?

Results can be long-lasting, but individual factors like hormonal changes can influence hair regrowth. Maintenance sessions may be needed for enduring smoothness

What is the duration of a typical session?

Sessions can range from a few minutes to an hour, depending on the size of the treatment area.

Is laser hair reduction advisable during pregnancy?

We recommend postponing treatment until after pregnancy and breastfeeding, as hormonal changes can affect hair growth and skin sensitivity.

What are the costs associated with this laser hair removal service?

Pricing varies based on the treatment area and package options. We offer competitive rates and packages tailored to individual needs, ensuring value for our clients

Under what circumstances should I avoid laser hair reduction?

Laser hair removal may not be suitable for those with certain medical conditions, on specific medications, or with recent sunburn in the treatment area. A consultation is essential to determine eligibility.

What sets your technology apart from IPL and home-use devices?

Our professional-grade Lutronic Clarity 2 offers more precise, powerful, and faster treatments than IPL or home devices, ensuring better results with fewer sessions.

Is this technology effective for all hair and skin types?

Yes, the Lutronic Clarity 2 laser is versatile and effective across a broad range of skin and hair types, thanks to its adjustable settings and wavelengths.

When will I begin to see the effects of the treatment?

Many clients notice a reduction in hair growth after the first or second session, with more significant results becoming apparent after subsequent treatments.

What should I do before my scheduled laser appointment?

Avoid sun exposure, tanning treatments, and plucking or waxing for at least two weeks prior. Shaving the area 24-48 hours before your session is recommended.

Is the hair removal process with this technology painful?

Clients often describe the sensation as a light snap with minimal discomfort, thanks to the device’s cooling feature that enhances comfort during treatment.


See what our satisfied clients say about our exceptional service and results

Went to get a laser hair removal service done and it was an amazing experience! The staff was very welcoming and friendly! Dahlia was the lady at the desk, she was extremely kind! Jaclyn did the service, she was gentle and explained the entire process from beginning to end! Thank you!


I just had my first laser hair removal session at Aroma Waxing Clinic and it was a great experience. My technician Stanka was professional and thorough. The treatment itself did not hurt at all. I had laser hair removal 6 years ago, and it was excruciating, but this was basically pain-free. I can’t say enough good things about my experience. So worth it!

Lana Cote

I’ve been getting waxed at Aroma for years but just recently got introduced to their new laser hair removal machine and it’s life-changing!!! As someone with a darker skin tone, laser hair removal was never an option until now, and I can honestly say it’s been worth the wait! After only THREE underarm laser sessions with Mary, I have no underarm hair left and never need to shave again. As someone who shaved my underarms daily, this saves me at least 5mins every day. If you’re on the fence about getting laser hair removal done, I can assure you the laser at Aroma is worth it and it works. Mary is also super professional and she’s so fast that it really is a painless process. Can’t recommend this place enough.

Shamsi Ladak

Aroma Waxing Clinic is the place to go! Everyone is so friendly! I used to go for waxing then eventually switched to laser and I was definitely happy with both services! If you do laser, please make sure it’s with Mary, she’s amazing and friendly and is very good at what she does! I recommend this place to everyone!

Angelica Mesa

visited their location on Yonge & Davisville and the service is as SUPERB!! From the moment I walked in the door I was greeted with a warm welcome by Dahlia 🤗… Jaclyn was amazing with my laser and very informative! I would 100% recommend coming here for any of your laser and waxing needs. They don’t disappoint. I look forward to returning!

Donald Ambrose