Pigmentation Removal

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Embark on a journey to flawless skin with Aroma Waxing & Laser Clinic’s Pigmentation Removal services. Leveraging the cutting-edge Clarity II laser technology, we precisely target and diminish various types of pigmentation, including nevus/beauty marks, age/sunspots, melasma, and more. Experience a revolutionary approach to achieving an even-toned complexion without compromising the surrounding skin.

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Introduction to Pigmentation Removal

Achieve Clear, Radiant and Beautiful Skin

For clients looking to address facial pigmentation and improve the appearance of various conditions such as:

  • Nevus.
  • Age spots.
  • Sunspots.
  • Freckles.
  • Melasma.
  • Seborrheic Keratosis.
  • Overall skin brightening.

Key Benefits

Why Choose the Clarity II for Pigmentation over other laser treatments?

  • Dual-Wavelength Technology: Effective on a wide range of pigmentation issues.
  • Versatility: Suitable for pigmentation, vascular lesions, hair removal, and more.
  • Precision and Safety: High precision targeting minimizes damage to surrounding tissue.
  • Customizable Treatments: Tailored to each client’s specific needs.
  • Comfort: Advanced cooling technologies reduce discomfort.
  • Faster Treatments: Efficient sessions fit busy schedules.
  • Effective on Different Skin Tones: Safe for a wide range of skin tones.
  • Minimal Downtime: Quick return to normal activities.
  • Long-Term Results: Durable pigmentation reduction.

How It Works

How does the Clarity II work to remove Pigmentation?

The Clarity II’s laser light energy targets pigmented cells, causing them to disperse and fade away, with some areas forming a crust that falls off, leaving the skin smooth and bright.

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Pricing Overview

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What are Age spots and Sunspots and what causes them? These are usually the result of sun exposure, not aging or liver issues, and can appear more frequently based on genetic predisposition.

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Why Us?

Choosing our Clarity II pigmentation treatment means opting for a service backed by:

  • Advanced technology
  • Customizable, versatile solutions
  • A commitment to safety and comfort
  • Proven long-term results.

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Laser technician performing pigmentation removal on a woman upper cheeks.

Benefits of Pigmentation Removal

Embark on a Journey to Radiant Skin

Beyond targeting specific pigmentation issues, our treatments promote overall skin health, leading to a rejuvenated complexion. Experience a noticeable improvement in skin texture and luminosity, revealing a smoother, more even-toned surface.

Personalized Care and Attention
Every client's skin journey is unique. Our dedicated professionals take the time to understand your specific concerns, providing a tailored treatment plan that respects your individual needs and desired outcomes.
Empowerment Through Education
Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to skin health. We provide valuable insights and education about pigmentation and skin care, empowering you to make informed decisions about your treatment and daily skin care routine.
Support Beyond the Treatment Room
Our commitment to your skin health extends beyond your appointments. We offer ongoing support and advice to help you maintain your results at home, ensuring your skin remains radiant and healthy between visits.
Natural-Looking Results
Our goal is to enhance your natural beauty, not change it. Our treatments are designed to subtly correct pigmentation issues, ensuring the results look as natural as possible, complementing your inherent beauty.
A Foundation for Future Skin Care
The improvements achieved through our pigmentation services can serve as a foundation for future skin care, allowing for better absorption and efficacy of skin care products, and setting the stage for a healthier skin care regimen.


Frequently asked questions

Will the pigmentation come back after treatment?

The treated pigmentation is unlikely to return, but new areas of pigmentation can form due to genetics, aging, or sun exposure. A maintenance plan and sun protection can help manage and prevent new pigmentation.

Can this treatment be used alongside other skin treatments?

It’s essential to discuss your current skin care routine and any other treatments you’re considering with your specialist. They will advise on the best treatment plan, considering any potential interactions to ensure the safety and effectiveness of your skin care regimen.

How should I prepare for my treatment session?

Avoid sun exposure, tanning beds, and self-tanning products for at least 2 weeks before your session. Additionally, inform your specialist about any medications or skin care products you are using.

Are there any side effects?

Side effects are rare and usually mild, including temporary redness, swelling, or a darkening of the treated pigmentation before it fades. These typically resolve within a few days.

Can I return to my daily activities after treatment?

Yes, there is minimal downtime associated with these treatments. Most clients can return to their daily activities immediately. However, it is recommended to avoid direct sun exposure and apply sunscreen to protect the treated areas.

How many sessions will I need to see visible results?

The number of sessions required can vary based on the individual’s skin condition and the type of pigmentation being treated. Generally, clients see noticeable improvements after 1-3 sessions, with some conditions requiring additional treatments for optimal results.

Is the treatment painful?

Discomfort is minimal. Most clients describe the sensation as a light snap with each laser pulse, made more comfortable by the system’s advanced cooling technology.

How long does a typical treatment session last?

Treatment duration can vary depending on the size and number of areas being treated. On average, sessions last between 15 to 30 minutes, ensuring they can easily fit into your busy schedule.