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The Experts Behind Your Experience


Sonia, affectionately known as the 'dragon spitting fire,' brings her fiery energy and 23 years of expertise to Aroma Waxing Clinic. With her knack for making waxing and laser treatments a breeze, she creates a warm, welcoming space where laughter is part of the experience


Hello there! I'm Sonia, your go-to waxologist and laser guru at Aroma Waxing Clinic. With 23 years in the beauty game, I've mastered the art of making waxing and laser treatments a breeze. My philosophy? Quick, comfortable, and, dare I say, enjoyable sessions that leave you feeling and looking fabulous. I'm all about creating a warm, welcoming space where laughter is part of the experience. So, whether it's your first time or you're a seasoned pro, I'm here to make sure you walk out feeling confident and carefree. Can't wait to meet you and share some good vibes while we get to the smooth skin part!

With a welcoming grin, Hong positions herself in her professional gear against the backdrop of the Aroma Waxing Clinic's insignia, symbolizing her fun-loving and comprehensive beauty philosophy


Hey beautiful! I'm Hong and I could be your funniest hair removal technician. With extensive experience as an aesthetician, I approach beauty holistically, nurturing both outer radiance and inner well-being. It's not just about looking good; it's about being happy to be beauty. Your session with me will be fast, fun, informative and with a lot of love.

Katelin's friendly smile and poised stance, dressed in her work attire before the Aroma Waxing Clinic emblem, highlight her seasoned approach to beauty and client care


Katelin is a seasoned professional in the beauty industry, with a passion for creating exceptional experiences. Since 2019, she has been dedicated to enhancing her clients' well-being through personalized beauty services. With a diverse background that includes managing her own business and working in various salons, Katelin brings a wealth of knowledge to every appointment. Her commitment to client comfort is unwavering—she strives to create a safe and welcoming environment where clients can relax and feel at ease. When it comes to hair removal, Katelin is a true expert. She employs gentle and effective techniques, ensuring that each waxing or sugaring service is as quick & painless as possible. Her dedication to excellence shines through in every treatment, leaving clients satisfied and confident. Whether you're a regular or a first-time visitor, Katelin will be able to take great care of you.

Laura Hopkins, beaming with enthusiasm, stands in her professional attire, symbolizing her blend of joy and expertise in waxology and medical esthetics at Aroma Waxing & Laser Clinic


Hello there! I'm Laura Hopkins, a spirited waxologist and medical esthetician specializing in laser hair removal. With 10 years of experience in the beauty industry, I've dedicated myself to perfecting the art of making my clients look and feel their absolute best. I blend a fun-loving approach with serious expertise, ensuring every visit is not just a treatment, but a delightful experience. Whether it's your first time or you're a seasoned pro in esthetic treatments, I'm here to guide you through a smooth journey to your best self!

Mary Miljan, elegantly dressed in a white blouse, radiates the visionary spirit that propelled Aroma Waxing Clinic to the forefront of Toronto's spa scene


Mary Miljan is the visionary founder and creator behind Aroma Waxing Clinic, a renowned establishment that has significantly contributed to the hair removal industry in Toronto. With a dedication to excellence, Mary has spent over a decade meticulously refining every aspect of the business, transforming it into a specialized wellness clinic and spa that offers a range of services including waxing, sugaring, laser hair removal, and spray tanning. Under her leadership, Aroma Waxing Clinic has earned a reputation for providing exceptional services, highlighted by its recognition as one of Canada's Top 50 Spas and its acclaim for offering the best Brazilian waxing in the city. Mary's commitment to her clients' satisfaction and her innovative approach to hair removal have positioned Aroma Waxing Clinic as a leader in the industry

Julia Rypina's face beams with the joy of her work in aesthetics, showcasing her dedication to natural beauty enhancements and care.

Julia Rypina

With 6 years as a Registered Nurse, my passion is in caring for people and enhancing their natural beauty through aesthetics. Witnessing transformations and helping others feel their best brings me immense joy. Beyond my work, I’m pursuing my nursing master’s degree, savoring lakefront jogs, and exploring new people and cultures through travel.

Olga Galychkina's portrait captures her gentle approach as a Medical Aesthetics Nurse, reflecting her dedication to natural-looking cosmetic enhancements

Olga Galychkina

I started my Registered Nursing career in 2017 and have since specialized as a Medical Aesthetics Nurse with a focus on cosmetic injections and Training. My approach is gentle, and I aim for natural looking results. With cosmetic injections, the objective for my clients is to enhance their look with minor positive touches. I’m a mom to a baby girl, and on my days off, I enjoy family time, cooking, sharing recipes, and practicing yoga and energy healing.

Cartoon illustration of Margo, showcasing her vibrant personality and expertise in waxing, with a style that mirrors the welcoming and fun atmosphere she creates at Aroma Waxing Clinic


Hey there! I'm Margo, your trusted expert in all things waxing at Aroma Waxing Clinic. With a passion for perfection and a knack for making every session feel like a catch-up with a friend, I've spent over a decade in this industry ensuring everyone leaves with a smile (and silky-smooth skin!). My approach? Gentle yet effective treatments, sprinkled with a bit of humor to make your experience as enjoyable as possible. I'm here to demystify beauty routines, making them accessible and fun for all.


Stanka, embodies leadership and warmth at the Yonge location


Introducing Stanka, the powerhouse behind Aroma Waxing & Laser Clinic's Yonge location since 2013. Stepping into her clinic isn't just about achieving smoothness—it's about experiencing it in a warm, welcoming atmosphere where every client is embraced like family. With her leadership, the clinic offers personalized care and top-notch services, including waxing, sugaring, laser hair removal, spray tans, and threading. Recognized as one of Toronto's premier destinations for smoothness, our motto is simple: "We don’t claim to be the best, our clients do. Come in and give us a try—we know you'll love us."

Jaclyn, exuding warmth and expertise, stands in her professional attire, symbolizing her 11+ years as a senior esthetician at Aroma Waxing Clinic's Yonge Street location


Hey it's Jaclyn, Senior esthetician here. I’ve been in the industry for 11+ years and love making people feel comfortable in their bodies. I pride myself on compassion and understanding so don't be afraid to ask any questions during your service. I love waxing and sugaring, but my new favourite service is Hair Laser Removal as its designed for all skin types and the results are unbelievable! In my off time I love to spend time with my dog and quality time with family and friends. Come visit us at the Yonge Street location! We can’t wait to meet you!!

In her professional attire, Enza exudes confidence and warmth, embodying her decades of experience as the lead Sugarist at Aroma Waxing Clinic, where her passion for eyebrow design and laser hair removal shines


My name is Enza and I have been an Aesthetician for 20+ years. I am the lead Sugarist at Aroma and I've always enjoyed the art of sugaring. My passion is eyebrow design as they say the eyes are the window to the soul. My newest fave is Hair Laser Removal and the awesome machine we have is top notch and so impressive for all skin types! My top priority is to make sure that you feel comfortable and confident during your services. In my spare time I love to travel and spend time with my family and friends. I am very excited to meet all of you!

Dolores, exuding warmth and expertise, stands in her professional attire, symbolizing her dedication to waxing, sugaring, and threading services at Aroma Waxing Clinic


Hello my name is Dolores! I have been a medical esthetician in the spa industry for more than 10 years, I specialize in waxing and sugaring for both women and men as well as Male Brazilians. Threading is also a unique service I love to offer. I am detail oriented and have a passion for this industry. In my spare time I love to spend time with family and friends! I hope to see you soon! Happy Waxing!

Liz, our waxing and laser hair removal expert, poses in front of the Aroma Waxing Clinic logo, ready to provide comfortable and confident services.


Hey my name is Liz, I have been in this industry for over 10 years and I specialize in waxing and hair laser removal! I love what I do and my goal is to make sure you leave my room feeling comfortable & confident! I specialize in male brazilians so make sure to book in soon! When I'm not working I love to spend time with my son and family and friends. Let's get you smooth and hair free today!


Ingrid, passionate owner, in her salon uniform in front of the Aroma Waxing Clinic logo, radiating expertise and a commitment to client confidence

Owning a waxing salon is my ultimate passion and fulfillment. Years of experience have equipped me with both expertise and efficiency in delivering exceptional results, leaving clients ecstatic. Witnessing their happiness and newfound confidence after each session is deeply rewarding. Every interaction fosters lasting connections, and as I continuously grow and learn within the business, I cherish the opportunity to enhance not just appearances, but also self-esteem. For me, it's not just about running a business; it's about positively impacting lives, one smooth session at a time.

Denzl, with tweezers in her right hand and scissors in her left, showcases her medical background and waxing expertise, ready to provide a relaxing and judgment-free self-care experience

My focus has always been providing the utmost relaxing and judgment-free experience for anyone and everyone who enters our doors! I see hair removal as one of the best self-care practices there is and I am always happy to take care of your needs in an efficient and detail-oriented manner. With my medical background along with extensive waxing and sugaring certifications, this allows me to practice with the safest, most educated techniques. Building and upholding relationships with clients is one of my main priorities, so you can ensure that you will be leaving your appointment feeling smooth and over the moon!